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demountable trailerable sailing trimaran

Trimaran Astus 20.2

Trimaran Astus 20.2



The Astus trimaran telescopic floats:

trimaran Astus demountable and transportable

trimaran Astus demountable and transportable

Trimaran ASTUS 20.2

Designed by Perspective Yacht Design

Already 50 units produced since December 2010

A new version available from september 2011: Super Sport (with Carbon)

Trimaran demountable and trailerable


The trimaran Astus 20.2 is a demountable and transportable sailing boat easy to move from one place to an other one. It can be used by one person or by a small team for a one or several days raids and is also a family multicoque for a one day outings, as a day boat.


3 versions available are available : Leisure, Sport, Super Sport

Trimaran available for sale, world delivery. See prices list below.

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A trimaran with many advantages:

  • Speed: an outstanding weight/sail ratio: 24 m² upwind for 350 kg
  • Stability: each float makes 650 litres for 4.25 meter long
  • Safety: the central hull and the floats show a high floatability potential
  • Weak draught: daggerboard and pivoting rudder, ideal for coast navigation and coming alongside the beach
  • Quick to fold and without any dismantlement ashore or when sailing (to put in a catway).

  • A simple and pragmatic sailing trimaran: easy to transport and to handle

    • A 350 kg weight
    • Telescopic floats which thanks to the cotter pins allow to pass from a 4.25 m width to a 2.40 m width and vice versa without being obliged to dismantle the floats
    • A mast easy to step up, 15 kg light, with a 7.50 m height
    • On the 20.2, a lateral mast position will allow an easy stepping of the mast

      A single person is able to rig it and to launch it to water in less than 20 mn. 
      The advantage is obvious: possibility of changing place and of sailing alone...

    A comfortable trimaran for sailing

    • The vast 2.5 m cockpit is protected by backs with lockers for the storage
    • The position of the front beams allows to easy enter the cabin.
    • Bigger trampolines of 2.75 m length, belong to the navigation space, which represents a total surface including the cockpit of 11.5 m²
      • The cabin with the bunk of 115 cm width and 220 cm length and more ergonomic allows the storage of all the materials and can be a safe shelter for the children. 
      • A front locker used as chain locker and where it is possible to store the fenders.

    Trimaran Astus 20.2 technical features

    • Overall lenght central hull: 5.95 m
    • Float length: 5.40 m
    • Max unfolded floats width: 4.25 m
    • Folded floats width 2.40 m (lower than the road gauge)
    • Displacement: 350 Kg
    • Float volume: 650 litres / float
    • Buoyancy volume: 550 litres (floats and central hull)
    • Draught:1.1 m pivoting center-board and rudder
    • Sail area upwind: 20 m² / 24 m² sport version
    • Sail area downwind: 35 m² / 47 m² sport version
    • Motorization max: 4,5 kw (6 HP)
    • EC Homologation:
      • Categoy C: 4 persons 425 Kg
      • Category D: 6 persons 550 Kg
    • Design: Jean-Hubert POMMOIS
    • Architect: Perspective Yacht Design

    A sailing trimaran with rational construction

    The boatyard has chosen a polyester construction which allows a better cost production, and which is resistant and easy to maintain.

    Trimaran Astus 20.2 is available for sale

    Trimaran Astus 20.2 Standard version

    A family version to quietly sail at a very competitive price, sold wih:

    • A mainsail, a reef and a jib on a dacron emmagasinor
    • A front locker which can be locked
    • A 4 bits hoist
    • A mainsail pendant 

    Trimaran Astus 20.2 Sport version

    A sport version to meet the requirement of the Astus 20.2 S regatta team, sold wih:

    • A mainsail and a jib on a pentex emmagasinor
    • A shroud
    • A ball main traveller car
    • A 6 bits hoist mainsail
    • A cunningham
    • A telescopic stick

    Trimaran Astus20.2 Optional equipment:

    Indicative Prices in Euro, VAT and delivery not included:

    A 20 m² gennaker on bowsprit and emmagasinor            1 380 €
    A 25 m² asymmetrical spi and deck hardware (bowsprit)           1 380 €
    Plus value main sail 17 m² and a 7 m² pentex jib             1 171 €
    Mattress + bunk plank              543 €
    Fixed porthole              360 €
    Swim ladder              117 €
    A ball main traveller car              410 €
    Compas IRIS 101              142 €
    Balcony              368 €
    Inox bar mast stepping and transport              209 €
    Non braked roadt trailer for the launching to water           1 873 €
    Braked roadt trailer for the launching to water           2 149 €
    Spare wheel + Support              142 €
    Armament safety kit 5th category less than 6 nautical miles (for 4 persons)              293 €
    Kit anchor 5 kg                 67 €
    Antifouling for the central hull and the floatings              460 €
    Four-stroke engine Tohatsu (19 Kg) 3,5 HP              987 €
    Four-stroke engine Tohatsu (26 Kg) 6 HP           1 547 €


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    trailerable trimaran

    Trimaran Astus 20.2 on trailer with its astucious system to set up the mast easily


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