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sailing trimaran folding system trailerable

Radikal 26ft Trimaran

Trimaran Radikal 26 folding system
Radikal 26 Trimaran folding system

Main specifications:

Overall length
9,00 m
29.53 '
Main hull length
7,93 m
26.02 '
Float length
7,93 m
26.02 '
Overhall beam
5,70 m
18.70 '
Floats folded beam
2,54 m
8.33 '
0,3 / 1,5 m
Mast length
12,00 m
39.37 '
Mast high
12,60 m
41.34 '
Displacement (empty)
0,6 T
Displacement (full load)
1,08 T
5/6 Pax
Sail area upwind:
Sail area downwind:
80 m²

Certification: CE-BV

Category C - 6 crew members

Trimaran radikal 26ft carbon

Trimaran RADIKAL 26' trailerable with folding systemtrailerable trimaran Radikal 26 Launching

An high performance sailing trimaran with a Radikal design

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Trimaran trailerable folding system Radikal 26 sailing multihull

The first Radikal 26 trimaran built during it first sailing test (5th May 2014)


trimaran trailer folding system trailerable multihull

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Trimaran trailerable multihull folding system Radikal 26

This project is sponsorised by the French Aquitaine region région aquitaine trimaran Radikal 26


      • High performances sailing trimaran

      • Folding system - trailerable behind familly car

      • Comfort on board for 4 people

      • In option: infused carbon for main hull & floats

      • Average delivery time: 16 weeks

The Radical 26 trimaran can be shipped/stored in 40ft maririme container.

The Radikal 26 trimaran is also available in plan form for those who wish to build themselves.


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trimaran Radikal 26ft Perspective Design


Interior layout

trimaran radikal 26 interior layouttrimaran radikal 26 interior layout

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