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50 ft racing Trimaran Perspective 50

Discover the Multi50 Multihull racing class:

Multi50 Multihull 50 racing Class


Trimaran racer Perspective 50

Trimaran Racing 50ft- PERSPECTIVE 50
Innovative concept for victory

We design and build your Multi50 Class trimaran to win prestigious offshore races and Grand Prix. We can also design & build larger racing multihulls (Maxi trimarans)

trimaran Multi50 for transoceanic racing

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Trimaran 50' racing version - Multi50 class

The racing trimaran Perspective 50' is made in accordance with the Multi50 class rules. Designed by our naval architect Philippe Roulin (15 years of experiences at VPLP, one of the world leader firms in racing multihulls design), it garantee to provide a very high speed potential and the possibility to reach the fist position in prestigious races as: the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre or The Transat bakerly.

The Multi50 racing class:

The 50-foot multihull racing circuit has been built around offering an alternative to all the racers, who want to take part in an offshore race on demanding speed machines, while ensuring costs remain accessible. The Multi50 class take part in major ocean races and is involved in Grand Prix style events in various ports.

The class rules for the Multi50 were drawn up above all to limit the cost of constructing and maintaining boats, while leaving enough room for designers and sailors to work their magic.
- Maximum length: 15.24 meters (50')
- Maximum beam: 15.24 meters
- Maximum air draught: 23.77 meters
- Canting masts are forbidden
- Only six sails on board allowed (including a storm sail and a mainsail)
- It is forbidden to use certain expensive materials like titanium.
- The use of carbon is also limited for some parts.

The trimaran Perspective 50 is available for sale.

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