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Trimaran 35 ft carbon racing racer

Trimaran Perspective 35


Trimaran 35 ft carbon - PERSPECTIVE 35

Innovative Concept for Fun

The Perspective 35 trimaran is a sailing multihull designed to provide a lots of feelings to its crew and reach high speed safely.

Trimaran carbon 35ft
Trimaran, Tримаран, trimaraani, trimarano, 三胴船, trimarã, trimarán, 三體船帆船, 三体船帆船, тримаран парусник, Катамаран.

A demoutable trimaran

The perspective 35 trimaran have been created to be very fast and easy to assemble or disassemble. Once disassembled, the Perspective 35 (including the two-parts carbon mast) can be stored in a 40' standard maritime container. It allows transportation everywhere by road on a truck trailer or by sea on a containership for a world mobility.

A very high speed trimaran

The Perspective 35 trimaran is designed by our naval architect Philippe Roulin, 15 years of experiences at VPLP, the world leader firm in multihull racer and super yacht design. Thanks to our large experience of the racing boats design, we have made the Perspective 35 trimaran to sail on one float up to 20 knots, totaly safely, with stability, and to give a lots of sensation to the whole crew. We have paid a lot of attention to design an enjoyable trimaran to rig.

A fast day-cruiser sailing trimaran

The Perspective 35 trimaran interior includes toilets, stove (little cooking area) and navigation table.

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