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bateau à pédales pedalo Velonautic


Main caractéristics:

Length overall
2,90 m
9' 5"
Float Length
2,90 m
9' 5"
1,50 m
4' 9"
Beam between Floats
1,06 m
Float Beam
360 mm
260 mm
Maximum Trough
400 mm
Float Volume
620 L
620 L
Displacement (empty)
40 kg
88.2 lbs
Displacement (normal load)
120 kg
265 lbs
Displacement at
maximum capacity
250 kg
551 lbs






NautiBike pedal-boat is now available for sale!

pedal boat Nautibike waterbike pedalo

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Nautibike is an human powered watercraft, safe and easy to ride on lake, river or sea. Nautibike have been designed by our naval architec team to ensure it the best ability to navigate even in waviest conditions.

pedal-boat NautiBike at paris plages

Nautibike is an ideal pedal boat for a rental activity, or for private use for leasure or fishing.

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paddle boat nautibike waterbike pedalo
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pedal boat NautiBike


paddle boat nautibike